ODC COVID-19 Operation Guidelines

ODC COVID-19 Operation Guidelines
Updated July 30, 2021

ODC is listening to and following guidelines from the San Francisco Department of Public Health as it pertains to all of our in-person and campus activities.

We have a team of Health & Safety Coordinators on our staff and are working diligently to create plans that are safe and suitable for everyone as ODC is given permissions to reopen to the public for in-person activities.


For the health and safety of yourself and others, effective on Tuesday, August 3, all participants are required to show proof of being fully vaccinated (“fully vaccinated” means two weeks after completion of the recommended vaccination series) to participate in in-person activities, including classes, performances, and other events. To show proof of vaccination, we ask that you show either your physical vaccination card or a photo of your card upon arrival. Masks are required indoors.

We regret that we are no longer able to allow entry to individuals with only a negative COVID test at this time.

All staff and faculty working on site at ODC are fully vaccinated.

​​We are also committed to continuing virtual access to our activities for those who wish to join us from home.

While our faculty and staff across ODC worked to keep us all connected and moving together virtually, our facilities team began a remarkable project: the completion of the full restoration of the ODC campus. Awaiting your return is a comprehensive suite of repairs and renovations that was estimated to take nearly four years to accomplish!

Our studio floors have been refinished, our HVAC system has been repaired and upgraded to deliver hospital-grade filtration and air exchange speeds as well as better climate control, the worn out carpets have been replaced, electrical and lighting systems have been checked and overhauled, our main staircase has been refinished and repaired, signage has been updated, touchless fixtures have replaced old hardware, and every inch of ODC has been lovingly, painstakingly cleaned and refurbished.

View FAQ about returning to in-person classes and events at odc.dance/reopening/faq

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