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ODC Theater presents
March 11

Please Note: This event has been Cancelled.

ODC Theater presents is an on-demand website for HD-quality contemporary performance films available for stream, download or mobile viewing via individual or subscription purchase. Filmed in venues across the country, features some of the world's most cutting-edge performances, including those seen on On the Boards’ stages in Seattle. ODC will present these HD-quality recorded performances on the big screen in the ODC Theater.

Phone Homer by Michelle Ellsworth (60 minutes)
Noted video and performing artist Michelle Ellsworth unleashes a one woman, multimedia portrayal of Clytemnestra, the woman left behind as her husband Agamemnon serves as leader of the Greeks in Troy. In Phone Homer she uses series of instructional videos, Skype calls with characters from The Iliad, a kinetic alphabet modeled after the Kinect, hamburger sacrifices, and an entire internet constructed specifically for this show to interpret this mythic character. This world premiere is informed by years of Ellsworth’s research, including the creation of a dress that can solve problems, performable websites, and tools for coping with the obsolescence of the Y-chromosome.
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