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Events Calendar > Audition Series: Ballet Afsaneh

Audition Series: Ballet Afsaneh
February 16
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The ODC School Audition Series brings dancers and choreographers together in a class context. Dancers may use class cards or pay a $14 drop in fee ($1 cash discount). Come early to fill out information forms and bring a resume if you have one.

Saturday, February 16, 2013
4pm - 6pm

Ballet Afsaneh is looking for 3 to 6 trained dancers interested in Persian and Central Asian culture. Women and men are both welcome, although some dance styles are gender-specific. All dance backgrounds are welcome, but western technique is strongly preferred and a commitment to learning Central Asian movement and culture is required. Knowledge of a regional language or culture is highly desirable (Turkish, Farsi/Dari/Tajiki, Azeri, Uzbek, etc.).

Company class and rehearsals are Thursday evenings in Berkeley. A four-workshop dance-culture immersion will be required of new dancers, but free to them. Most performances are paid; rehearsals and company class are not.

Ballet Afsaneh is a critically-acclaimed performance ensemble presents the dance, music and poetry of the historic Silk Road networks of Eurasia. "Afsaneh" is a wonderful word, shared by the major language groups of the Silk Road, meaning "legend" or "mythic story". Traditional repertory includes the folkloric and classical dances of Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, China and India. Contemporary work melds ancient art forms with modern dance and theater with a unique and richly imagistic approach. Ballet Afsaneh produces an annual home season in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and presents programs at major performing arts venues, festivals, university theaters, schools, community centers and special events. The company tours internationally and within the United States. For more information, see

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