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Sandbox Series



2016 Sandbox Series Artists:

Deborah Slater

Gerald Casel

Heidi Carlsen

Sunday, January 31, 1:30-4:30pm
Callbacks: February 7, 1:30-4:30pm
Dancers are required to pre-register for the audition. More info here.

About the Sandbox Series
The Sandbox Series is designed to support artistic exploration. 3 choreographers are chosen for 8 3-hour sessions over a period of one month purely for the purpose of creative exploration. This project is meant to support imagination and risk; it is not project based and is not intended to replace the traditional pre-production rehearsal process.

Each choreographer will choose up to 6 dancers (with whom they have not worked with before) in one large open audition. For participation in the project, choreographers will be paid $1000, and each dancer will be paid a weekly fee of $90/week. The 24 hours of rehearsal space is paid for by ODC. Choreographers must have 8-10 years of professional choreographic experience. Dancers must have professional performance experience.

Previous Sandbox choreographers have included Katie Faulkner, Amelia Rudolph, Kim Epifano, Jo Kreiter, Scott Wells, Erika Chong Chuch, Nicole Klaymoon, and more!

This program is funded by the Mellon Foundation.

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