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Events Calendar > ODC presents ODC/Dance Unplugged

ODC presents ODC/Dance Unplugged
November 08

Expose. Explore. Engage.

ODC/Dance Unplugged
Friday, November 8, 7pm - SOLD OUT
ODC Dance Commons, Studio B
Tickets: $25  


Get a fresh take on Triangulating Euclid and meet this season’s new ODC Dancers in an intimate behind-the-scene access that only ODC/Dance Unplugged can provide. This is your chance to gain an insiders’ perspective from one of this season’s favorites among critics and audiences alike. Get a deeper experience with the unprecedented collaboration between Brenda Way, KT Nelson and acclaimed New York-based choreographer Kate Weare in a uniquely raw and pared down atmosphere that will leave the audience at only a breath’s distance away from the choreographers and dancers.  Inspired by a rare original edition of Euclid’s Elements, the most influential work in the history of mathematics, this highly physical and emotive piece moves from the formal elegance of geometry to its human implication: from triangles to threesomes, from lines to connections, from the page to the heart.

Photo Steven Lenz

ODC Dance Commons, Studio B
351 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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