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The ODC Educational Outreach Program capitalizes on dance as a means of bringing communities together and provides participants with tools to generate personal change and social reflection. Ours is not a dance technique training concept, but rather, a creativity based program focused on developing self awareness, problem solving skills, interactive capacities and aesthetic appreciation.

Working with ODC artistic directors, our Outreach staff cultivates schools and organizations who will benefit by interactive and challenging arts programming for children and youth. Although ODC works with people of all backgrounds, ages and means, it maintains an ongoing commitment to disadvantaged children or those with little or no arts education in their standard school curriculum. We have, in the past, worked with deaf children, drug rehabilitation patients, labor unions, battered women, incarcerated teens, and senior citizens. ODC continues to reinvent its curriculum from year to year in an effort to offer the most responsive, creative and diverse program possible.

Contact Liz Kamara for more information about our Educational and Outreach opportunities.
(415) 863-6606 Ext. 209

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