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Pilates Center

The Pilates Center of San Francisco
“The Authority on Classical Training in San Francisco”
Martt Lawrence, Owner and Senior Certified Instructor

ODC Dance Commons
351 Shotwell St., San Francsico, CA
Phone: (415) 294-3505
Classes and Rates

M-Fri 8AM- 8PM
Saturday and Sunday 8AM-2PM
By Appointment Only
To schedule an appointment call the PCSF number and leave information about your level of experience with Pilates and times that you are interested in scheduling.

The Pilates Center of San Francisco (PCSF) opened in January of 2006 and is dedicated to the original teaching of Joseph Pilates. Located inside the beautiful ODC Dance Commons, PCSF serves the Mission community at large with its diverse population of dancers, art lovers, and families.

Martt Lawrence, the Director of PCSF, brings 14 years of teaching experience to the studio and a strong link to ODC. Martt’s relationship with ODC began back in 1995 when she decided to turn to modern dance after a career as a professional ballet dancer. Martt immersed herself in ODC’s modern dance program and began training in Pilates. The Pilates training supported the transformation in her body that was needed for modern dance. Her enthusiasm for Pilates and desire to share the method stems from this experience.

As a modern dancer, Martt has performed at ODC Theater with Janice Garrett and dancers. As a choreographer, Martt participated in ODC’s Pilot and Migrations programs. Additionally, she collaborated with choreographers Amy Seiwert and Liss Fain for the show Shifting Lands presented at ODC Theater in 2004.

True to its original concept, at PCSF we teach all sessions with a rhythm, pace and flow. The focus is on core strength, posture strength, identifying and correcting any bad habits or misalignments. We re-educate the body with better movement patterns resulting in a strong body, less vulnerable to injuries. Our instructors have studied the classical method with Master Teachers and possess knowledge of the full breadth of the work. Our training ensures that we will tailor the system to each client based on age, fitness goals, and past or recent injuries. Whether you are a dancer striving for strength and longevity of your career or an athlete looking to recover from an injury, we will work with you to meet your individual goals.

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