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Events Calendar > Afro Peruvian Dance & Cajón Master Classes with Javier Gordillo and Peta Robles Izquierdo

Afro Peruvian Dance & Cajón Master Classes with Javier Gordillo and Peta Robles Izquierdo
December 19
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Dance: 6:45-8:15pm
Cajón/Percussion: 8:15-9:30pm

$15 each class
To register, contact the front desk at 415-863-9830 x100.

Javier Gordillo (Director of Escencia Negra Afro Peruvian Performing Company - Lima, Peru), is a highly skilled and dynamic performer, and dance instructor, specializing in folkloric cultural traditions from the Coastal region of Peru, including contemporary and popular genres.  He has performed in main stage solo performance features at La Pena Cultural Center, the Ethnic Dance Festival, and the musical theater epic, “Cristo Moreno.”  This class will introduce basic movement techniques, while exposing students to the rhythmic style and nuances of Afro-Peruvian dance traditions.

Peta Robles Izquierdo (Master Teacher, Cajon/Percussion) is a Cajonera, Zapateadora lead percussionist with the critically acclaimed" Teatro Del Milenio.”  Peta hails from a legendary family, historical pioneers of Afro Peruvian cultural traditions.   Percussionists will be moved by the creative force and dexterity that she demonstrates with moving passion. Her workshops are an experience of mastery, immersing attendees with ease and an infectious quality of learning in various styles of these music traditions - with the Cajón being the central instrument of all the percussion instruments used in the class.


A special thank you to Elizabeth Soberanes, Latin Dance Grooves, Regina Califa and Congo SQ West Kinship Society for hosting these master artists.  Javier Gordillo and Peta Robles Izquierdo appear courtesy of De Rompe y Raja Cultural Association in residency.

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