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A Company Built on Risk and Nerve

ODC Dance Commons: 
Main Office/Theater/School
351 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel (415) 549-8519  Fax (415) 863-9833

ODC Theater Office: 

Box Office Hours: One hour before show time and by appointment
Tel (415) 863-9834  Fax (415) 863-9833
ODC Theater
3153 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


For rehearsal rentals please contact Dan Rivard at
For performance rentals please contact Mica Pirie at
For more information regarding space rental, click here.


Tel (415) 863-6606 unless otherwise noted.


Brenda Way, Artistic Director
Victor Gotesman, Executive Director x 8512
Christy Bolingbroke, Deputy Director for Advancement x 8538
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Deirdre Ashby, Administrative Assistant x 8527

Booking Agent for the ODC/Dance Company

Cathy Pruzan, Booking Agent for ODC/Dance (415) 789-5051


Jenny Smrekar, Senior Development Manager x 8508 
Caroline Walthall, Development Manager x 8514
Petrice Gaskin, Development Associate x 8513


Susann "Mac" McMahon, Events Coordinator x 8511


Steven Reder, Facilities Coordinator x 8506


Claudia Stillwell, Director of Finance & Administration x 8515
Charlene Folcomer, Finance Manager x 8504


Neal Spinler, Senior Marketing Manager x 8507
Jerri Zhang, Marketing Creative Manager x 8505
Oxana Ermolova, Marketing Coordinator x 8516

RJ Muna, Company Photographer

Tony Shayne, Production Manager x 8510
Elizabeth Brent, Assistant Production Manager and
Resident Costumer x 8509


Mona Baroudi (415) 615-2735
John Hill
Marie Tollon, Writer in Residence

Tel (415) 863-6606 unless otherwise noted
Brenda Way, Artistic Director
KT Nelson, Co-Artistic Director x 8503
Kimi Okada, Associate Choreographer x 8521
Joseph Copley, Company Manager x 8518
Dave Robertson, Company Technician/Lighting Designer

ODC Dancers

Corey Brady
Dennis Adams
Jeremy Smith
Joseph Hernandez
Josie Sadan
Justin Andrews
Katherine Wells
Natasha Adorlee Johnson
Steffi Cheong

Tel (415) 863-6606 unless otherwise noted
Mica Pirie, Theater Programming & Operations Manager x 8532
Dan Rivard, Client & Patron Services Manager x 8534
Jason Dinneen, Theater Technical Director x 8540

Mélange Café

(415) 863-6606 x 8549

Tel (415) 863-6606 unless otherwise noted
Kimi Okada, School Director x 8521
Augusta Moore, Ballet Program Director x 8524
Jill Lounibos,  Adult Program Operations Manager x 8523
Mlyssa Hoops, Youth & Teen Program Operations Manager and
Outreach Coordinator x 8529
Carlos Venturo-Diaz, Youth & Teen Program Registrar x 8520
Natalie Terry, Front Desk Manager/Next Moves Coordinator x 8511
Dudley Flores, Rhythm & Motion Artistic Director x 8525
Leigh Lehman, Rhythm & Motion Managing Director x 8525
Janet Roitz, Rhythm & Motion Program Administrator x 8522

Front Desk Staff
Monica Ascencio (Shift Supervisor),
Andrew Leathers,
Lucienne Alicea,
Meaghan Garrahan,
Rachael Gray,
Never Navarro,

Healthy Dancers Clinic
Kendall Alway, Associate Director, HDC x 8548


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ODC Theater presents Emily Johnson/Catalyst SHORE In Yelamu (San Francisco)
ODC Theater Presents Lucky Plush Productions The Queue
ODC presents Resident Artists Unplugged
Family Dance Class
ODC School 10th Anniversary Party
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