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Healthy Dancers' Clinic

Welcome to the Healthy Dancers’ Clinic at the ODC Dance Commons!
The Healthy Dancers’ Clinic at ODC, through the volunteer collaboration of academic health care professionals, strives to improve the well-being and healthcare of the dance community through education, musculoskeletal screening, integration of health services, enlightened treatment protocols and injury data analysis, hoping to culminate in prevention.


Our main objectives are to provide guidance and advise dancers/performance artists on injury management, recovery and longevity.

Brief History:
The Healthy Dancers’ Clinic was created in 2005 by Rick Coughlin, MD and an elite team of inspired physicians and therapists. Today, HDC is leading the way to a new culture of health and wellness for dancers.

Who We Are:
We are a volunteer group of students, physicians, physical therapists, and other health care providers, devoted to improving the health of dancers. We work at some of the best clinics in the city. We meet monthly to discuss our goals, educate each other, and work on projects related to the clinic. Our larger membership also includes acupuncturists, nurses, and other clinicians who are working “behind the scenes” to improve care for dancers.

Who can sign-up for the clinic?
If you take dance/movement classes and have a dance related injury, you qualify. We see students and professional dancers.

How do I sign-up for a consultation?
Online - Click here.

How long are the sessions?
Dancers are seen in 15-minute intervals for consultations. Some of the sessions overlap when the clinic is staffed by more than 1 practitioner.

Do I have to pay for a consultation?
We request a donation amount of your choice. Donation amounts typically range from a few dollars to $50+.

Director volunteers:
Richard Coughlin, MD – Medical Director
Kendall Alway, DPT – Associate Director

Current active clinical volunteers:

Kendall Alway, DPT
Margaret Anderson, PT
Kristen Belcastro, DPT
Richard Coughlin, MD
Julie Cox, PT
Michelle Dierberger, PT
Kim Holt, PT
Shirley Kollman, PT
Priscilla Park , PT
Milini Holmes, PT

Other volunteers/contributors:
Helena Bireki, Pilates instructor
Nancy Kadel, MD
Deena Leevy, PT
Suzanne Martin, PT
Augusta Moore, Director of Ballet, ODC
Selina Shah, MD
Vita Yee, Lac.

Appointments are scheduled online. Click here.

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