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  Rhythm and Motion Dance Workout Classes
  Rhythm and Motion Dance Workout- Fusion Rhythms

Dance, work out and have fun with a wide range of dance and creative physical expression taught by well-known Bay Area dancers, choreographers and performers. Our classic Rhythm & Motion workout fuses dance styles and eclectic music to create an invigorating, physically challenging and fun experience. Every Fusion Rhythms class follows the same structure. Class begins with choreography to wake up the body, focusing on specific muscle groups. This thorough warm-up is followed by high energy dancing designed to improve stamina and strength. Class continues on the floor with abdominal strengthening as well as leg work to increase flexibility and muscular development. Each class ends with stretching and relaxation.
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  Rhythm and Motion Dance Workout- Extended Fusion Rhythms

Enjoy a fusion of dance styles in an invigorating, challenging and fun 75 minute workout. Develop fitness through a wide range of dance and creative physical expression taught by well-known Bay Area dancers, choreographers and performers. Our classic Rhythm & Motion workout fuses dance styles and eclectic music to create an invigorating, physically challenging and fun experience. Every Fusion Rhythms class follows the same structure. Class begins with choreography to wake up the body, focusing on specific muscle groups. This thorough warm-up is followed by high energy dancing designed to improve stamina and strength. Class continues on the floor with abdominal strengthening as well as leg work to increase flexibility and muscular development. Each class ends with stretching and relaxation.
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  Rhythm and Motion Dance Workout- Modern Rhythms

Modern Rhythms offers our students a more lyrical approach to dance workout. Drawing on contemporary dance and set to music that crosses borders, Modern Rhythms is a fun, creative and accessible workout. Each class begins with a standing warm-up which moves to the floor for strengthening abdominals and legs. Returning to standing, the tempo increases and class culminates with high energy choreography and arm work. Modern Rhythms is a workout that makes you feel like you’re flying.

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  Rhythm and Motion Dance Workout- Essential Rhythms

Essential Rhythms focuses on learning R&M choreography and understanding the fundamentals of dance technique. It serves as an introductory class for new students and offers another way for ongoing students to deepen their R&M workout experience.Our classic Rhythm & Motion workout fuses dance styles and eclectic music to create an invigorating, physically challenging and fun experience. Every Essential Rhythms class follows the same structure. Class begins with choreography to wake up the body, focusing on specific muscle groups. This thorough warm-up is followed by high energy dancing designed to improve stamina and strength. Class continues on the floor with abdominal strengthening as well as leg work to increase flexibility and muscular development. Each class ends with stretching and relaxation.

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  Contemporary Classes
  Beginning Contemporary
Instructors: Patricia Jiron
Timing: Saturdays, 12-1:45pm
This class focuses on the fundamentals of modern dance technique that form the basis of this constantly evolving art form. It is based on grounding the body through core strength, alignment and articulation of the joints, while using weight, gravity, suspension, and momentum to move easily. The spine is used as a deep source of connection and expression and for the freedom, momentum and agility of release technique. This is a great class for students who want to become strong, explore a new dance style and move freely through space while having fun!
Patricia Jiron Bio
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  Advanced Beginning Contemporary
Instructors: Todd Eckert
Timing: Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:45-7:15pm
Designed for students who have some previous dance experience (though not necessarily in Contemporary), this advanced-beginning level class builds the technical fundamentals of modern dance vocabulary. Dances in the center develop core-strength, articulation of the feet, balance on one leg, and articulation of the spine “off-center” in forward curves, side tilts, twists, and arches. Students will be introduced to traveling steps, turns and jumps. Particular emphasis is placed on quickly learning and remembering dance combinations.
Todd Eckert Bio

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  Mixed Level Contemporary
Instructors: Chimene Pollard
Timing: Mondays & Wednesdays, 9-10:30 am
This Hawkins-based class is accessible to all levels. Informed by the Alexander Technique, students somatically find the strength and release of each movement through the efficient use of the head, neck and torso connection.
Chimene Pollard Bio

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  Intermediate/Advanced Release
Instructors: Lizz Roman
Timing: Saturdays, 10am-12pm
Fast-paced and athletically challenging, this class is influenced by Limon and Cunningham techniques with a strong focus on floor work, inversions and partnering. This class integrates weighted and released movement with a warm up that incorporates Pilates and yoga to strengthen technique while expanding the dancer's range of movement and efficient use of the body. Classes feature live accompaniment.
Lizz Roman bio

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  Advanced Contemporary with Janice Garrett
Instructors: Janice Garrett
Timing: Tuesdays, Thursdays 10-11:30 am
Develop a well-rounded palate of technical skills with renowned Bay Area dancer, Janice Garrett, while fostering your individual artistic expression. Garrett’s movement style and choreography highlights speed, unexpected directional change, a strong sense of weight, as well as, humor and gesture. Special attention is given to sound principles of alignment, facilitating technical versatility, strength and virtuosity.
Janice Garrett Bio

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  Advanced Contemporary with Kara Davis
Instructors: Kara Davis
Timing: Mondays, Wednesdays 6:45-8:15pm
Kara’s class is designed to increase and enhance the technical and performance abilities of advanced students in the discipline of modern dance. Information and exercises for the movement phrases are drawn from classical ballet mechanisms and vocabulary, physical values explored in various improvisation modalities and the principals of release technique. Through the practice and execution of center floor exercises, traveling patterns and choreographed phrases, the class places emphasis on the sensation of healthy alignment, increased strength and flexibility, spatial awareness, musicality and rhythm. The class focuses on an economical approach to movement by emphasizing the use of the pelvis and spine and addresses the ways one’s inner landscape, mind, and ego affect a movement vocabulary’s overall aesthetic.
Kara Daivs bio

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  Contact Improvisation
Instructors: Rotating Faculty
Timing: Saturdays 12:15-2pm
This class explores the technical and experiential skills that lead to a dynamic, flexible, articulate, playful and artful dancing relationship. Our inquiry includes multi-level responsiveness as we explore the speed and power of light touch and full engagement of spatial awareness. Through guided movement meditations and open dancing, we learn about changing size, directing energy flow, connecting through falling, anchoring, assembling and disassembling movements, and thinking with our bodies to have an experience of boundlessness.

  Hot Spot: Contemporary
Instructors: Amy FoleyHot Spot: Amy Foley
September 21 - October 2, 2015
*No Class September 25

In this dynamic class we will progress from center work focusing on easy alignment, technique, and warming the body and mind to moving across (and to and from and over) the floor with precision, awareness, and volume. We will focus on musicality, versatility, quality of movement, and individual expression. Amy strives to equip her students with the tools to move through space with power, nuance, ease, and joy. 

Amy Foley is a San Francisco-based dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She grew up in Alaska and moved to San Francisco by way of Colorado. For over a decade, Amy performed, created, taught, and toured under the direction of Robert Moses as a member of Robert Moses' KIN. During that time and later, she was a member of Manuelito Biag's Shift Physical Theater, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, ODC/Dance, and most recently, Tanya Bello's project b., and RAWdance. Amy has shown her own work through the Robert Moses' KIN/BY Series, RAW Dance's CONCEPT Series, the ODC Pilot Program, ODC Dance Jam, and the LINES Ballet Summer Program. Upcoming, she'll present a piece in WestWave 24, September 27, 2015.

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  Hot Spot: Chuck Wilt
Instructors: Chuck WiltHot Spot: Chuck Wilt
Friday, September 25, 2015
Class begins with meditation and principles from GYROTONIC® exercise to root you into a deeper awareness. The class will build into technique, cardio, and strengthening which then leads into a sense of deconstruction through sensation and imagery based movement. You will explore everything from your patience and imagination to your full physicality in the class. The class will end with connecting and utilizing the ideas by learning repertory that is multifaceted as well as both physically and mentally challenging. The class brings together many different approaches to movement, ways of breaking habits and tools Chuck has gained from teachers, choreographers and mentors around the world and meshes them with his own unique point of view and interests as a dancer and choreographer.

Chuck Wilt, a native of San Francisco is a professional dancer, choreographer, and the Artistic Director/Founder of UNA Projects. Chuck holds a BFA in dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System.  In addition, he has trained at the San Francisco Ballet School, ODC, LINES Ballet and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance.Chuck has performed with dance companies such as Zoe|Juniper at BAC (NYC), Katherine Hawthorne Dance at the ODC Theater (CA), Danaka Dance at the 92nd Street Y (NYC), GroundWorks Dance Theater at the Playhouse Theater (OH), as well as Chihiro Shimizu and Artists at the Gowanus Green Building and Dixon Place (NYC). Chuck is currently performing with MADBOOTS Dance Company. Chuck Wilt and UNA Projects has been presented by DANCENOW Raw, CPR, Triskelion Arts, The Current Sessions, the Tisch School of the Arts Alumni Show and the TIsch Dance Summer Festival. UNA will be co-presenting two programs at the ODC Theater October 1st-3rd. He has taught masterclasses and set solo work at Booker T Washington High School of the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, as well as Gibney Dance Center.

  Hot Spot: Alternativa
Instructors: Kathleen Hermesdorf and Albert MathiasHot Spot: Alternativa
September 7-18 and October 5-30, 2015
GUT Motives - A general unified theory of the act of motion from internal impulse to external expression, utilizing a hybrid of forms to encourage deep awareness and understanding of the body. Motivated from the gut (center & viscera), requiring guts (courage & instinct) and translating to ‘good’ & ‘possession’, the practice is a progression of energy cultivation, hands-on investigation, somatic improvisation, technical experiments and methods of falling, flying & inversion, culminating in dynamic, 3-dimensional phrase work. An intimate and animated arena for physical and artistic exploration, deeply informed by live original music, the class cultivates sensate virtuosity, kinetic efficiency and inter-active intelligence.
ALTERNATIVA is an apparatus for deeply integrated contemporary dance and music via creation, improvisation, performance, production, curation and education, directed by dancer Kathleen Hermesdorf with musician Albert Mathias. In action in San Francisco since 1998, the organization supports the creative work of the directors, known for duet and group work that explores visceral ineffabilities, human conditions and behaviors, as well as multi-disciplinary collaborations. It also acts as an umbrella for Alternative Conservatory, an educational aspect facilitated by Hermesdorf and AM audio/media, a multi-media entity directed by Mathias. Kathleen Hermesdorf has been a member of Bebe Miller Company, Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann, and Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. She was co-director of Hermesdorf & Wells Dance Company with Scott Wells and Collusion with Stephanie Maher, with whom she produces PORCH at Ponderosa in Germany. Albert Mathias is the Music Director of ALTERNATIVA, and was a member of Bebe Miller Company and Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann. He has produced 10 CDs of original music and collaborated in numerous bands, most notably LiveHuman, an improvisation-based trio with Andrew Kushin and DJ Quest.

  Master Class: Silvestre Technique
Instructors: Rosangela SilvestreHot Spot: Silvestre Technique
Cost: $20
Capacity limit
Register online today!
The Silvestre Dance Technique is a contemporary Brazilian dance expression created by world renowned teacher and choreographer Rosangela Silvestre. This unique yet classically based form incorporates the four elements of nature, the chakra system, and the three triangles of the body. Symbology is the Silvestre Technique’s utilization of the gestures of the Orixa dances in combination with the Silvestre Technique. A study of African Brazilian traditional symbols within choreography, and how to work with the Silvestre Technique creatively. Together they provide the expression and interpretation of the exercises with the objective of conditioning the body, mind and spirit for dance of any form.
Rosangela Silvestre, choreographer, instructor, dancer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique, is a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and post-graduated specializing in choreography, achieving her degree from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). She has researched dance and music in Brazil, India, Egypt, Senegal and Cuba as part of her ever-evolving and eclectic palette of movement. She acquired training in such diverse techniques as: Martha Graham, Limón, Horton, Floor Bar, Classic Ballet, Dunham Technique, and has experienced diverse dance expressions - such as Germany Theater Dance, Contemporary, Folkloric, as well as Traditional dances of Africa and other continents.
Visit: to learn more about her work and the Silvestre Training Programs in Brazil.

  Hot Spot: Analog Bodies
Instructors: Katharine HawthorneHot Spot: Analog Bodies with Katharine Hawthorne
November 30, December 2 & 4, 2015
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Calling all thrill seekers, scientists, thinkers and movers! This class is a chance to dance inside modern scientific ideas like clocks, pendulums, resonance, mechanical & fluid motion. We will warm up through a series of scored improvisations, building into full bodied phrasework and creative composition tasks. Katharine treats class as a laboratory for research and discovery, at the same time guiding dancers towards an expansive and high energy physicality. Come explore how to unhinge technique and go deep.
This class is geared towards anyone with an appetite to move (intermediate-advanced movers).
“Fearlessly athletic dancers... fiercely intelligent thinker” -Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian
Katharine Hawthorne is a San Francisco based dancer and choreographer who likes to watch thinking bodies in motion. As a performer, she has appeared with Liss Fain Dance, Hope Mohr Dance, Sharp & Fine, and Ledges & Bones, among others. Hawthorne focuses her creative work on how humans relate to technology, and she has presented her choreography throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Providence, RI; Greece, Argentina, and most recently through the Emerging Choreographers Project at Springboard Danse Montréal. She holds a B.S. in Physics and Dance, with honors, from Stanford University.
  Ballet Classes
  Beginning Ballet workshops
Instructors: Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm with Augusta Moore Saturdays, 9-10:30 am with Marisa Castillo
This workshop will offer a basic step by step approach to understanding ballet. The teacher will break down all concepts and steps for full comprehension. Class will emphasize terminology, offer specifics for proper muscle use in executing ballet technique, proper alignment and injury prevention, and expose students to concepts of musicality and movement quality. Muscle conditioning and flexibility will be addressed as well as breathing and coordination. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace. Personal attention and a good-natured environment come together to create a supportive, fun, and productive learning experience.
Augusta Moore Bio
Marisa Castillo Bio
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  Advanced Beginning Ballet
Instructors: Marisa Castillo
Timing: Mondays, Wednesdays, 6:15-7:45pm
This class will help students continue to build technique and ballet vocabulary. An emphasis on connecting steps will take the mystery out of how to move beautifully from one step to the next in order to create simple dance combinations. The class will work to incorporate breathing, coordination, musicality and movement quality into the technique.
Marisa Castillo bio

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  Intermediate & Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
Instructors: Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm with Elizabeth Castaneda, Tuesdays, 12-1:30pm with Augusta Moore
This class will continue to cultivate ballet concepts in greater depth. There will be more emphasis on vocabulary and connecting steps while working to refine and embody ballet technique for greater joy, artistic command and versatility.
Elizabeth Castaneda Bio
Augusta Moore Bio

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Instructors: Tuesdays, Thursdays 7:45-8:15pm with Elizabeth Castaneda, Saturdays 2-3pm with Augusta Moore
This mixed-level pointe class is for students who want to develop pointe technique and greater foot articulation. We will begin with a slow progression and move on to more challenging steps. Students with less pointe experience may take the first section on pointe and finish on demi-pointe. Students who would simply like to improve foot strength and clarity are welcome to take the entire class on demi– pointe. This class may only be taken with the proceeding intermediate or intermediate/advanced ballet class.

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  Advanced/Profressional Ballet
Instructors: Mondays, Thursdays 10:30am-12 pm with Sandra Chinn, Wednesdays, 10:30am-12pm with Laura Bernasconi, Fridays 10:30 am-12 pm with Joanna Berman
Advanced ballet class offers a thorough barre emphasizing self aware elegant alignment, without the use of force. The center is designed to move the dancers into technically challenging sophisticated and expansive movement. Holistic and respectful to the individual needs of each dancer.
Sandra Chinn Bio
Laura Bernasconi Bio
Joanna Berman Bio

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Learn solo variations and ensemble pieces from the classical repertoire with a non-intimidating approach to learning the classics! Dancers of all disciplines and interests are welcome. Variations are the solos and small groups danced by ballerinas in major classical and neo-classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Apollo and Emeralds. This workshop will challenge the individual to achieve detail, artistry and technique. Variations may be done on Pointe or flat. Intermediate Ballet technique required.

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Learn to control your body's movements from the core in this classical Pilates class. Taught in the sequence systematically designed by Joseph Pilates, mat work challenges and strengthens the core while strengthening and stretching the body from head to toe. The teacher works closely with each student to tailor the exercises to your individual needs. Everyone, at any level of fitness, will benefit greatly from Pilates and it is a perfect accompaniment to dance training.

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Connect to your body as you build strength and flexibility. Focus on proper alignment, yogic breathing and connecting your physical and energetic body as you move through asanas. Yoga is an excellent companion to dance training to relieve muscle soreness, focus on postural alignment and unwind.

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Gain greater awareness, ease and command of your body. The Feldenkrais method uses gentle, unusual movements to reawaken your body and help you understand the unconscious habits of tension and misuse that create pain in our daily lives. This class allows the participant to address habitual constraints that interfere with physical ease and the creative process. This class will help to broaden self-image by experimenting. Students wear loose clothing while working on gentle movements that are mostly on the floor. Everyone can benefit, including performers, musicians, those recovering from illness and injury, and anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being.

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  Global Classes
  Urban Contemporary
Instructors: Eric Fenn
Timing: Thursdays, 6:45-8:15pm
This class, founded by Eric Fenn, is a fusion of modern dance and urban/street aesthetics. Eric’s background in martial arts, hip hop, jazz, modern, and African dance make his unique movement vocabulary and phrasing earthy yet edgy. Move in and out of the ground with rhythm, musicality, pulse, flow, and release.
Eric Fenn Bio

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  Brazilian Modern
Instructors: Jeni Leary
Timing: Sundays, 1:30-3pm
Brazilian Modern fuses modern dance (Graham and Horton techniques) with the inversions and floor work of Capoeira and the colorful movement of the Afro-Brazilian Orixá dances. Move to polyrhythmic African traditional and contemporary world music in this challenging, fluid and energizing class.
Paco Gomes Bio

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Instructors: Tania Santiago
Timing: Tuesdays, Thursdays 8:15-9:45 pm, Saturdays 10-11:30 am
Learn a variety of dance forms from Northeastern Brazil, the heart of the country's African ancestry and culture. Tania emphasizes rhythm and expression in her work with the music and her choreography. The nature of Afro-Brazilian dance invites a study of African culture as it exists in Brazil. Passing the cultural significance and history of the dances is an important part of Tania's work.
Tania Santiago Bio

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  Hip Hop-Beginning
Instructors: Shereen Prince
Timing: Fridays, 6:15-7:30pm
This class introduces students to hip-hop choreography with the use of isolations, technique, break down, and fun routines to the music of underground and popular hip– hop, house, R&B, and electronica in an inclusive, non-competitive atmosphere.
Shereen Prince Bio

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  Hip Hop-Intermediate
Instructors: Micaya
Timing: Thursdays, 8-9:15pm
The bomb of Hip Hop dance is here at ODC Dance Commons! Experience Micaya’s explosive class that teaches the many facets of hip hop from hard-hitting popping and locking to soulful flow. Micaya’s passionate teaching style is non-intimidating and brings your movement to the next level. The Intermediate class is recommended for students with previous Hip Hop and/or dance experience.
Micaya Bio

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  Hip Hop Jazz
Instructors: Mondays, Wednesdays 7:45-8:45pm Beg./Inter. with Christiane Crawford Sundays 6:00-7:00pm
This high energy class challenges you with jazz choreography with a hip hop twist. Each week, learn the hottest hip hop dance moves and finesse your jazz technique with combinations you can take to the club!
Christiane Crawford Bio

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  Show Jazz-Intermediate
Instructors: Fridays, 1:30-3pm with Ann Barrett
Explore the roots of jazz dance from Bob Fosse to Jerome Robbins in a class that focuses on the classic movement and lines that set jazz apart from other dance forms. At the Intermediate level, a more challenging style and performance technique is introduced. Combinations vary in style providing the dancer with the versatility needed to perform show jazz. Broadway is alive and well; let’s bring a little to our town!
Ann Barrett Bio

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  Salsa Rueda
Timing: Fridays, 7-8 pm Beg., 8-9 pm Int., 9-10 Adv.
Sidney’s class teaches Miami-style Salsa and Havana-style Casino moves. Each class addresses three distinct levels (i.e. Beg 1, 2, & 3) taught simultaneously by three instructors. See the curricula on to find your level (or see an instructor). Class Prerequisites: BEGINNING: A good working knowledge of beginning/ intermediate Salsa footwork and partnering. INTERMEDIATE: Beginning levels 1-3 of Casino Rueda. ADVANCED: Beginning and Intermediate levels 1-3 of Casino Rueda.

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Instructors: Thursday 7:15-8:45pm with Joti Singh
Bhangra is a harvest dance originally from the state of Punjab in the northwest corner of India and Pakistan and traditionally danced by men only. As people continue to cross oceans and cultures, bhangra music and dance ceaselessly evolves with hip hop, reggae and global influences.
Joti Singh Bio

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  Clogging with Barbary Coast Cloggers
Instructors: Sundays, 3:30-5:30 pm with Barbary Coast Cloggers
Contemporary Formation Clogging resurfaced as a social dance where people tapped away in square sets of four. The first few minutes of class will focus on step work at the beginning level (intermediate, if no new beginners are in attendance).  The middle portion will work on formation skills, such as traveling and partnering.  The final section of class will work on specific dances performed in formation.  All classes are very tap friendly for those interesting in learning the roots of tap dance.

  Latin Dance Grooves
Instructors: Saturdays 1:30-3pm with Elizabeth Soberanes
Immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Latin dance and music certain to stir your soul! Experience a variety of exhilarating Latin Dance genres including Brazilian Samba, Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Timba, Reggaeton, Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue, Jazz and more all in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  All students are welcome to this multi-level, Spanish bi-lingual class.

  Tribal Belly
Instructors: Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 pm and Saturdays 1-2:15pm Beg, Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm int/Adv with Jill Parker
Learn the exotic moves of belly dancing and gain core strength.  To cultivate muscle control, class begins with conditioning and yogic stretching designed to emphasize strength, posture, and technique.  Tailored towards each dancer, the class consists of dance movements, floor drills, group improvisation (leading and following), choreography, zils (finger cymbals), and musicality exercises.

Instructors: Mondays 8:30-9:30 pm with Sam Weber
Explore your musicality and individual style through rhythm tap dancing inspired by a wide range of dance forms and music.  Each class concludes with a tap jam where students let loose, improvise and jam.  Changing regularly, the class will feature master classes with national tap masters, live musicians, specialty workshops and more to keep this class fresh and exciting every week!  This Monday night slot will be programmed with different Rhythm Tap offerings including classes taught by rotating teachers, master classes with national tap masters, specialty workshops, and jam sessions. Some previous dance experience is recommended.

  Rhythm Tap
Instructors: Int/Adv Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm Find your feet to express the beat!  Approached from a musical point of view, content includes essential vocabulary, fundamental technique, building combinations and choreographic phrases, and structured improvisation. Students will have the opportunity to work independently and in groups, with music and without, and will gain proficiency in traditional and contemporary rhythm tap styles.

Instructors: Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-8:30 pm with Jose Barroso
Learn the foundations of Afro-Cuban: Orixa, Yoruba, Congo and Rumba dances in a high energy class, set to live drumming. These unique dance styles were brought to Cuba from Africa during the slave trade and represent the many vibrant influences at play in Cuban culture.
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  West-African Guinean
Instructors: Tuesdays 7:15-8:45 pm with M’mah Toure Sundays 2-3:30 pm with Naby Bangoura
In these classes you will experience the traditional rhythms, dances, and songs of Guinea. You will also explore Guinean culture through West-African rhythms. Some of the rhythms/ dances we will explore are used for weddings, baby naming ceremonies, and circumcision rituals. The class begins with a warm-up, followed with across the floor choreography and concludes with an improvisational dance circle around the drummers.

  Salsa- Beg
Instructors: Tuesdays 7:30-8:15pm with Gabriel Romero
Learn caliente dance moves in this introductory class that builds musical timing, footwork and leading and following technique. Singles and couples welcomed.
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  Salsa Int.
Instructors: Tuesdays 8:15-9:15pm, Thursdays 8-9:30 pm with Gabriel Romero
Timing, connection, and style will be emphasized while students develop arm movements and explore the dancers’ relationship in new turns, figures and footwork.

  Salsa Adv.
Instructors: Tuesdays 9:15-10:15pm with Gabriel Romero
Build on your technical foundation as you focus on musicality and style to take your moves to the next level. We recommend taking this class concurrently with the intermediate level class.

  Flamenco Technique
Instructors: Wednesdays 7:15-8:15 pm with Danica Sena Saturdays, 4-5:30pm with Danica Sena
Learn basic arm positions, percussive footwork and musical structure (compass) of Flamenco forms such as Tangos, Bulerias, Alegrias and more in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.   It is equally challenging for the novice and seasoned student alike. Combinations vary from week-to-week although existing repertoire is drilled. New students are encouraged to commit to at least 8 classes for a most effective learning experience. Flamenco Shoes or Hard-soled shoes with a thick-heel are recommended.  No open-toe sandals allowed.

  Flamenco Choreography
Instructors: Wednesdays 8:15-9:15 pm with Danica Sena
Build upon the skills learned in Flamenco Technique as you learn classic Flamenco choreography. Equally challenging for the novice and seasoned student, this class focuses on de-mystifying the musical structure of Flamenco. Students learn how to recognize and maintain the compas (rhythm) of basic Flamenco forms such as Tangos, Bulerias, Alegrias, etc. in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Combinations vary from week-to-week although existing repertoire is drilled. New students are encouraged to commit to at least 8 classes for a most effective learning experience. Flamenco shoes or hard-soled shoes with a thick-heel are recommended*. No open-toe sandals allowed. *The instructor will provide information on purchasing of Flamenco attire/accessories.

  Modern Jazz Blues
Instructors: Tuesdays 6:15-7:45 pm with Elvia Marta Thursdays 6:30-8pm, Saturdays 2-3:30pm with Bayan Jamay
An expressive style of dance incorporating Ailey, Limon, Horton, Graham and ballet technique and is expressed through contemporary jazz and blues music.  These classes develop placement, style and strength.  The choreography has a strong emotional and spiritual component and the class fosters a supportive atmosphere.

  Senior Ukelele
Instructors: Mondays 1-2pm with Gil Chun
Learning to play the Ukelele is easy and fun!  The instructor teaches chords that can be used for playing songs.  Singing while playing encouraged.

  Senior Hula
Instructors: Mondays 11am-12pm with Gil Chun
An intermediate level class that focuses on basic steps. Ancient and modern hula styles are covered in a fun, supportive atmosphere!

Instructors: Rafaella Falchi
Timing: Friday, 6-7pm; Mondays 8-9:15pm
This is a multi-level energetic, samba class which incorporates several different styles of samba: Rio (carnaval) style samba, samba axé (from Bahia which includes learninig popular fun routines to up tempo songs), samba reggae (which has afro-brazilian influences), and frevo (a fast paced dance originating from Pernambuco). We will cover the basics and build toward more complex routines. Live percussion bateria led by musical director Alfie Macias and ¡Blocura! All levels welcome!

Instructors: Namita Kapoor
Timing: Sundays, 6-7pm
You've waltzed, samba'd and discoed till dawn. But do you Bollywood? Even if you don't know what that means, you're probably a fan of the music: the bouncy strain of Indian soundtracks fused with folk dance, hip-hop, reggae, salsa and electronica which has been featured in Slumdog Millionaire and music from stars like Jay-Z and Britney Spears.  Come learn the hottest new dance craze moving west! Experience how to islolate your body and dance to funky beats in a cardio-based blend of hand-twirling,  torso-turning, shoulder-shrugging and aerobic legwork. Don't worry if you're just beginning, this class may be just the trick to transform you from dance-hall dope into Bollywood phenom!  All levels welcome.
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